3 Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare

3 Reasons To Switch To Natural Skincare!

Think about all the products we use daily that are not natural and healthy for the skin.

Makeup, deodorant even fragrances. We don’t know the effects of using such harsh chemicals over a lengthy period of time, especially the harmful long-term effects it may have on our delicate skin. So think about the products we are actually putting on our skin? The benefits of natural ingredients are endless! 

It’s Earth – Friendly:

Natural products are more environmentally friendly because they do not have a negative

impact on our water supply, animals, and ecosystems. Whereas, chemically produced

skincare is made with more harmful ingredients which may end up damaging our soil or

even waterways. Products that utilize naturally sourced ingredients will not only help us reach a greener environment, but will also allow our skin to not rely so heavily on chemicals.

Safe and Gentle for the skin:

Hundreds of years ago, humans were using plants and natural oils to nourish and treat their

skin. So our ancestors were really onto something! Using naturally derived skincare, is a safer option to gently clean your skin. Your skin actually absorbs whatever you put on it, so products with harsh chemicals will have your skin taking in these toxins!

Minimises harmful side effects:

Many natural skincare products use natural preservatives such as grape seed extract to

prolong shelf life. In the case of chemically produced skincare, parabens are conventionally

used to help a product last longer on a shelf. Parabens have been found to mimic estrogen in

the body, in which has been linked to other side effects. Although people can still experience side effects from natural products, it’s usually due to specific cases of sensitivities to particular ingredients and their effects are widely known and understood.

So What’s Behind Our Products at Luv Ur Skin?

We make sure that we use an all-natural approach to the development in our products, there are no mystery ingredients that are harmful to the skin! You can always count on our products as we use the finest quality ingredients sourced her in, including specific Australian plant extracts that offer a gentle, natural yet effective solution to skincare, with the benefits of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. We truly believe in producing natural products that will not be harmful to young skin, which is why our products are formulated for girls, to help maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with the benefits of naturally glowing, beautiful skin because at the end of the day.

“Because everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin” Izzi xx