Luv Ur Skin Has A Brand New Look!

Luv Ur Skin Has A Brand New Look!

Why Did We Make The Switch From Jars To Tubes?

If you’ve been using Luv Ur Skin for a while, you may be used to some of our products being packaged in jars. After some research, we’ve decided that future skin care products (both our current range and exciting new lines) will be packaged in sleek, environmentally friendly tubes. Why? Here are a few reasons why we made the switch.

Jars Aren’t The Best For Your Skin Care Products

Recently, research has shown that jars might not be doing as good a job of keeping your skin care products safe than we thought. This form of packaging leaves your skin care products open to contamination.

Imagine this; you’re using a moisturizer kept in a jar twice a day. That means twice a day you have to unscrew the lid, leave the moisturizer open to the air, stick your fingers in, and then put the top back on. Who knows what kind of bacteria may have made its way into your jar?! Not to mention, the prolonged exposure to air will have an impact on the product’s effectiveness on tween and teen skin.

That certainly didn’t sound great to us, so we went looking for other options for our skincare, and we soon realized tubes were way better. Our new tubes are far better at minimizing air exposure and contamination, which means your products will remain amazing for a whole lot longer!

Tubes Are The Better Choice For You - No Mess, No Fuss Skin Care For Tweens

When you go away on holiday, you’ll obviously want to keep up with your skin care routine. But who has space in their luggage for clunky jars?

Our new tube packaging is way more lightweight and easy to carry. Your Luv Ur Skin Face Range and Spa Range will slip right into your beauty case alongside your shampoo and toothbrush.

Plus, anyone with long fingernails will be celebrating our switch to tubes. Have you ever tried scooping product out of a jar? It can be messy! Our new tubes allow you to put as much product as you need on your fingertip without getting it everywhere and wasting product.

Our New Packaging Bares All

At Luv Ur Skin, our products are all made with amazing natural ingredients. We’ve always been transparent about what we put in our products, and now our packaging allows us to be even clearer!

Our sleek new tubes have a clear window at the base, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. Our products have nothing to hide, and we love showing them off with this gorgeous new packaging.

Not only does our new packaging look amazing, but it’s also way more secure! Our tubes come with a tamper evidence seal, so you can be sure your product is as fresh and high-quality as the day we made it! Keen to give the new tubes a go? Browse the Luv Ur Skin range on our website today!

Why Do We Sometimes Use Jars?

Well, you know what they say; old habits die hard. Jars aren’t going to go away anytime soon, and here are a few reasons why some skincare companies will stick with it.

  • They’re a better choice for a few products. Some moisturizer and creams are really thick, and putting them in a tube wouldn’t make sense. People would exhaust themselves trying to squeeze their creams and lotions out! For these products, a jar is more convenient for the customer. Whenever you’re using jars, make sure you wash your hands before sticking them in and seal up the lid tightly afterwards to minimize contamination.
  • Some products require glass. Some products have ingredients that last longer in glass rather than in plastic, especially when it’s treated soda lime glass. It would be pretty silly to try and manufacture a glass tube, so we keep these products in their glass jars to make sure you’re getting the very best out of them!
  • They’re still recyclable. At Luv Ur Skin, we’re passionate about the environment, and we try to reduce our impact wherever possible. That’s why we pay so much attention to the packaging of our products and endeavor to make both our jars and tubes environmentally friendly.


Ultimately, We’re Switching To Tubes For You

At Luv Ur Skin, we’re proud to promote healthy skincare routines and lifestyles to tweens and teens around the world. We want you to have the best possible skin care available, including the packaging those products are coming in.

With our new, compact, nothing-to-hide packaging, we get to offer you a better experience and a longer-lasting product.


If You’re Looking For Natural Skincare Designed For Tweens and Teens, Luv Ur Skin Is Perfect For You

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