I’m Izzi, the founder and Girl boss of Luv Ur Skin, an Australian made natural range of skincare products, created especially for girls.  My inspiration came from not being able to use any of my Mum’s products (and not wanting to use baby products) so I created a brand that gives girls products they need.  With the help of an expert team, I now have a beautiful range of skin care products that are naturally made to be safe and effective, while making us girls feel great.

It’s no wonder girls skin is usually in its worst condition during our tweens/teens, with everything we have to deal with every day, school, hormones, parents/siblings, dancing, sport, a social life, the list goes on…. this is why we’re so stressed and it shows on our skin!

That’s why all the skincare products have been made using specially selected natural ingredients and key plant extracts to make sure girls have the best possible chance for clean, clear and healthy skin. It’s also the only tween range to be made with the plant extract Plantolin®, from an Australian native plant, which has amazing benefits and is proven to be safe and effective on all skin types, even sensitive skin!

My range is all about encouraging girls to have healthy lifestyle habits and routines so that they learn to take care of their skin and bodies (while enjoying themselves).At the end of the day we all want to feel important, happy and confident.

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Our Purpose

Creating natural skincare for teens & tweens young, sensitive skin. We believe that beauty begins with a positive lifestyle as we celebrate diverse beauty and bringing out the best in everyone. We believe in loving, empowering and respective each other and the environment, by using natural whole ingredients.