Let the LOVE of your life be YOU!

Let the LOVE of your life be YOU!

Hey girls,

We all know too well the meaning of what February 14thmeans to most people… Valentine’s Day. A day where couples spoil one another with generic and cliché gifts such as chocolates in the shape of love hearts, red roses and stuffed teddy bears. It can sometimes be hard to remember what the true meaning of this day represents.

This year we pledge to you to be your own valentine, to celebrate love and loving yourself! They say that before you can fully love anyone else we must learn to love ourselves, and what a better day to start then on the day of love.

LUSGirl Hearts

Here are 3 quick pointers on easy ways to invest in yourself this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Plan a girls activity: There’s no better feeling than hanging out and having a laugh with our friends. Surrounding yourself with positive people that make you happy has a positive effect on your everyday mind set and wellbeing.
  2. Take time out for yourself: Choose an activity that you love and are passionate about, and leave sometime throughout the day to pursue it. Whether it be reading your favorite book for half an hour, blasting your new favorite song and dancing like nobody’s watching, playing fetch with your cute puppy, or baking a delicious chocolate cake.
  3. Pamper yourself: Allow yourself time to escape. By taking 30 minutes to relax and revamp create a day spa in your own home. Dim the lights and put on some light peaceful music to set up those #spavibes. After cleansing and exfoliating your face with our Face Wash and bamboo scrub Scrub Off, treat your skin to a face mask full of goodness that’s going to help detoxify your skin. We recommend Face Off, which helps detox your skin of any built up dirt and oils, leaving your skin dewy all night long. Once on, lay down and relax for 10-15 minutes and wash off with a warm towel. 

I hope this helps you to remember to empower, invest and most importantly love yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day girls!

Love Izzi and the LUS Team xx