Exercising during a busy schedule? It is possible!

Exercising during a busy schedule? It is possible!

Exercise routine
Finding space during the day to dedicate time for exercise can often be difficult. When your schedule is filled with homework, social activities and family events, exercise can generally be the last thing on your mind. However, regularly exercising is an essential component in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


If you’re finding it difficult to assign time throughout the day for exercise, why not utilize your school’s sporting programs! Joining a sporting team can be a great opportunity to make friends, increase your fitness abilities and to become more involved in your school community. Being involved in a sporting team also can teach you a lot about teamwork! It enables you to work collaboratively with your teammates in a fun, fast-paced environment. Most schools conduct their team training during lunchtimes, this ensures that the activity still fits within your school schedule. Therefore, you don’t have to assign designated time for exercise during your busy day! 


A great way to fit a short yet effective workout into your day is to follow an exercise video on YouTube. Cassey Ho’s YouTube channel, Blogilates, has hundreds of varieties of fun workout videos. Her videos range from 5 minutes - 40+ minutes. Therefore, even if you only have 5 -10 minutes available to exercise, you can still have an effective workout that is able to be done in your bedroom! All you need is a yoga mat and some cute workout gear! Speaking of cute workout gear, an effective way to feel motivated to workout is by buying workout clothes that you love! When you have nice workout clothes you feel excited to workout!



If you decide to start your own exercise regime, it’s important to pace yourself. Pushing yourself too hard by starting with difficult workouts can be dangerous as your body may not be used to such intense physical activity. For example, find 30 minutes during the day to go for a run, ensuring that you’re going out when it’s still light outside. Begin by walking for the first 20 minutes of the workout, and then finish with 10 minutes of jogging. Then as you become comfortable with jogging increase the amount. 


If you’re struggling to balance your social life and exercise, why not catch up with a friend and work out together! Even just going for a walk together to catch up on the latest school gossip can be an effective way of getting your heart rate up! Don’t worry you can still have your regular movie and pamper nights, featuring your favorite Luv Ur Skin products! But working out with your friends every now and again is a great way to socialize whilst maintaining your fitness!


Happy exercising! LUS Team and Izzi xoxo