5 Ways To Be Confident In Your Own Skin!

5 Ways To Be Confident In Your Own Skin!

To be confident in my own skin can sometimes be hard, because I often find myself comparing my features to other girls I see on Instagram. Even though I know that photos on Instagram are filtered and heavily photoshopped, I still can’t help it! But I have something different. I have me! I am my own style of beauty and you are too. Where is the fun in looking like everybody else? Here are some ways to help you realise your full potential:

#1 Only YOU can define yourself.

You should never depend on someone else’s definition of you. To reflect the best you, you need to realise your strengths and weaknesses. Being mindful of what you are or not good at will help you come to terms with what makes you unique and special.

#2 No one is perfect.

Even Beyoncé has her bad days; we are human after all. The best life lessons come from failing, because you learn better from your mistakes. So take every failure as a way to improve and grow in the future.

#3 Move away from negative people who bring you down.

People who are constantly bringing you down should not have a place in your heart. Being around negative energy will affect your thinking and how you behave. It can actually rob you of exciting opportunities in the future. What if you were to become a gold medallist in the Olympics?! You never know, and you should not shut yourself from what could be possible.

#4 What people see is what you ultimately reflect. So reflect the best you!

You have the power to show people what you want them see. People cannot read your mind. So if you think you are screwing up or embarrassing yourself, you’re probably not. Just focus on being the person that makes you happy.. 

#5 Surround yourself with “YES” people.

Be around people who are positive and are not afraid of challenges. These types of magical unicorns will teach you to develop a positive mindset where you see the world as one big playground.

These tips can be easier said than done, but overtime you will come to terms with the value you can provide to the world. So practice and learn to love yourself.

Love, Izzi xx