So What Do Our Natural Ingredients Actually Do?

So What Do Our Natural Ingredients Actually Do?

So, have you ever read the back of our products and been like “I don’t know what any of these ingredients do”? Well we are here to fix that. Our products have some main ingredients that have been specifically selected to help with teen skin. Today we are going to look at the ingredients in our Face Wash!

First off, we have Plantolin. This ingredient is truly amazing, it is an indigenous plant in Australia and is great for soothing and healing. In the skin care world, we use Plantolin for anti-inflammatory reasons. Being anti-inflammatory Plantolin can help heal and rejuvenate skin. That means when you have a breakout Plantolin helps to clear away those pesky pimples and blemishes.


Aloe Vera:
While Aloe Vera makes a great drink, it is also good for skin care. The leaves of the plant hold a lot of water, so it helps keep your skin hydrated. That’s why we love to use Aloe Vera for dry skin. Aloe Vera is perfect if you are having a dry and sore skin week, we also have it in our moisturizer to help soothe your skin even more.

Bilberry Extract:
Bilberry Extract is a wonderful ingredient that not many people know about. If you ever have nasty blackheads reach for some Bilberries. They have heaps of antioxidants in them, so they help fight against the causes of blackheads. If you are stressed Bilberry can help reduce redness and help keep swelling down. This ingredient truly is powerful.

Well girls, we hope you now know why we use these great ingredients to help with our teen skin.

Love Izzi and the LUS team xx