Shark Tank Stars Who Made It Big

Shark Tank Stars Who Made It Big

While 14-year-old Izzy Dymalovski failed to get an investment from Shark Tank in season two for her Luv Ur Skin and Luv Ur Body lotion ranges, the Melbourne schoolgirl was offered mentoring instead.  

She went on to do work experience with Ms Allis, and with the help of Mr Banks her business has gone from strength to strength — Luv Ur Skin and Luv Ur Body products are now sold in more than 400 Priceline stores around the country.  

“When the episode aired, that was absolutely crazy, our website crashed within 30 seconds of the pitch because we had that many people trying to get on at the one time. Yeah, we sold a lot of product during that time,” she told Mamamia last year. 

“Being a kid and walking into meetings and trying to command the attention of the room as a nine and 10 year old — that was difficult. To get them to take me seriously has been a learning experience and it’s happened over time. I do a lot of public speaking and debating at school so that helps.”