#GirlBoss Izzi: 4 Ways I Stay Motivated in School

#GirlBoss Izzi: 4 Ways I Stay Motivated in School

After a long much-needed break, it’s time to face those early mornings and go back into school. I am starting year 10 this year, so I really need to focus on getting good grades and building my skills for the future! There is so much pressure to meet deadlines, maintain high grades and run Luv Ur Skin and still find time to have fun! So I wanted to share with you guys some ways that I stay focused and motivated as I juggle everything.

1. Use a diary to plan out your tasks

Using a diary helps you to have a clear schedule, so you can find time to balance homework and fun. This way you can plan out your deadlines and tasks so that you can see what needs to be done during the week. When I use a diary, it helps me set clearer and more realistic goals and also helps me find time to do the things that I love, like dancing!

2. Try different learning techniques

People learn differently, some are visual learners whereas others prefer to read and write. I try different learning techniques for different subjects. For example, I like to draw out my diagrams and color code my notes for my science subject, but I prefer to just read and write for English. Find out what helps you to study better and most importantly UNDERSTAND the content better.

3. Set Goals for yourself

Whether they are long-term or short term goals, setting targets for yourself can help you stay ambitious throughout the school year. For each subject, I recognize my weak spots and then set myself a goal to work on these problem areas. I try to make these goals achievable and realistic because I know that change takes time.  

4. Perseverance!

Never give up, when you feel like you are falling, get back up! School can be very stressful and can really test your patience. But remember that all of your hard work will pay off someday, especially if you want to go to university or study a particular course! All of your hard efforts may not always show success in the present but it will definitely show in the future. Luv Izzi xx