From Idea to world-class product: 15 year old Isabella brings her business to life

From Idea to world-class product: 15 year old Isabella brings her business to life

Isabella Dymalovski is the CEO and Founder of Luv Ur Skin, a range of natural skin care products that have been specially developed using specifically selected natural ingredients and key plant extracts to ensure that girls have the best possible chance to keep their skin clean, clear and healthy.  It is the only tween range to be formulated with the plant extract Plantolin®, that comes from the Australian Native plant Centipeda cunninghamii, which has amazing benefits and is scientifically proven to be safe and effective on all skin types, even sensitive skin.  

She’s also an actor and a singer.  

You started Luv Ur Skin at 8. Tell us, what got you into entrepreneurship?  

I realised that you don’t always need a lot of money to start an idea; you just need to believe in what you are doing. It took me five years to get my brand ready to launch and lots of challenges along the way (and a lot of setbacks) but I really believed in what I wanted to do and so every time something went wrong I’d go back and try approaching it in a different way. I think that these challenges are what make you an entrepreneur because you are pushed to adapt to any situation that comes your way.

Where did your passion for creating natural and healthy skincare options come from?  

I was inspired to start Luv Ur Skin because I noticed a real gap in the skincare category for a range of natural products that would be suitable for young girls skin.  

From a young age, I’ve realised the huge benefits all natural product can have in comparison to using chemical and artificial ingredients, which is why I created my natural skincare range for girls of all ages. Using natural products has improved my skin, which in turn has had a positive effect on my body image, confidence and developing healthy routines. This is why I believe natural products are always the best option for young skin, as I know from experience, it is the key to creating and developing healthy lifestyle habits from a young age.

Luv Ur Skin is among one of the most popular skincare brands available for teens in the Australian market today. Tell us how you made that happen and how you feel about that.  

I started Luv Ur Skin when I was eight years old (although I didn’t have a brand name back then). I was wearing make up for dance concerts and my mum wouldn’t let me use her products to clean my skin so I asked her if I could make my own and she said yes! She had me work with chemists to formulate some products which I gave to my friends to test in different focus groups. I had no plans to actually sell them until my friends started asking where they could buy the products! Once I started giving out some samples, it was amazing to see that they were really excited to have an all natural product, that also helps them to develop a healthy skincare routine. It took six years of working on the formulas, packaging and branding before I finally decided on Luv Ur Skin and launched the ranged.  

I was lucky enough to be the youngest teen entrepreneur on Shark Tank, although I didn’t get a deal, I got some great mentoring from the sharks which has really helped me with the business side of the brand. This was also a great lead into launching Luv Ur Skin into Priceline, where you can now find my range Australia wide.  

How do you balance school while running your own business?  

There is a bit of pressure to meet deadlines, maintain high grades, run Luv Ur Skin and still find time to have fun! But I still believe that education is extremely important to build my future, even though I have a business already. There are things I learn everyday such as business accounting, maths and even in chemistry, that I can use in my business. But since starting Luv Ur Skin, I have been better at managing my time and prioritising tasks that really need my attention. I stay motivated as I never give up on anything I have started, even though school can be very stressful, I believe all my hard work will pay off one day!

When you’re not running your business, what do you like to do to relax and have fun? 

When I am not at school or doing work for Luv Ur Skin, you can often find me playing music or singing. I enjoy being creative, and music has become an outlet for me to express myself.  

Like any other girl, I also love to hang out with friends and family, dance and sing!

What have been the biggest challenges for you in running your own business?  

One of the biggest challenges I faced running my own business at such a young age was getting people to take me seriously. I would go into meetings with my mum and they would only address her, but once I starting answering them and asking questions they realised I really was running it and became much easier to work with. This was also a personal challenge for me to learn how to address a room full of adults and be heard so I could be taken seriously.

What do you envision for Luv Ur Skin and yourself in the next five years?  

In the next 5 years, I see Luv Ur Skin growing into a beloved and trusted brand for young girls looking to achieve cleaner and fresher skin with natural products. I want to expand our product range and reach new markets domestically and internationally, so that I can encourage more girls to take care of their skin and health naturally!  

I have a strong passion for a range of things such as science, acting and dancing, so I would love to embark on those opportunities in the future whilst building the Luv Ur Skin brand.

You’re youngest entrepreneur to appear on Shark Tank. Tell us about your experience – what did it teach you about yourself as well as your business?

  Shark Tank was such an incredible experience, I was so nervous, but also excited because which teenager gets to talk about their own products to a group of very successful entrepreneurs… not many, so I wanted to make the most of it. They definitely didn’t go easy on me, but they did realise I’m fully involved in the business and not just the ‘face of’ because I was in the ‘tank’ for about 45min on my own and was able to answer all their questions, from marketing, to sales and even the financials of the business. But I think I enjoyed it the most because I was really prepared and knew the business.  

Being on Shark Tank has given me the confidence to take charge and go forward in my dream of creating a natural skincare range for young girls, and not let anything get in my way. If I could face the Sharks, then I can definitely tackle anything that life throws at me!  

Do you have any advice for young girls like you looking to start their own skincare business or entrepreneurial projects?  

My advice for young girls wanting to start their own skincare project or any business, I’d say, just start today! It took me five years to get my brand ready to launch and lots of challenges along the way (and a lot of setbacks) but I really believed in what I wanted to do and so every time something went wrong I’d go back and try doing it a different way. You don’t have to stop everything else you’re doing, I still went to school, but you really need to be ready for hard work and long hours. At the end of the day, make sure you are passionate about whatever you do and always remember to have fun doing it, or it’s not worth doing.

What’s your thought about the SPLAARO movement? 

I really admire what the SPLAARO movement stands for! There is this bad image of Millennials being “lazy” or “entitled”, but most of us have great ideas that we just want to share with everyone. The SPLAARO movement not only provides a space for young innovators to connect with like-minded people, it also provides the necessary resources and advice for them to build on their ideas. Everyone has the ability to be great, but being great has to have a start and the SPLAARO movement fosters that beginning.  

Lastly, what are some exciting things coming to us from Luv Ur Skin?  

Recently, we have launched our Face masks, scrubs and Holographic Nail polishes! I’ve spent the last year focusing on developing, creating and testing new products for my range and have come up with these new and exciting products, which you can buy online now!  

The Luv Ur Skin brand is also going to be branching overseas, due to such a major interest internationally, especially in the Asian and European market. This means I will also be working towards customizing my products to suit more independent markets internationally, and to see where this leads me and Luv Ur Skin in the future. It’s a very exciting and busy few years ahead for Luv Ur Skin!  

Thank you for this opportunity, I am so thrilled that I am able to encourage girls to develop healthy lifestyle habits and make them feel really good about themselves. I’m also very passionate about being inclusive and supportive of diversity, one of the most important things I wanted to do with my brand was to raise awareness of issues facing teens. Hence, my brand ethos is “Because every girl deserves to be confident in her own skin”, because I’m a strong believer that no one should be excluded or feel insecure in their own skin.

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