What I Eat During My Busy Schedule

What I Eat During My Busy Schedule

Hey LUSGirl!

I have a pretty busy schedule being a teen entrepreneur balancing school, social life, doing interviews, attending events, creating new products and sometimes I have to eat on the go. I try to maintain a balanced diet and eat as healthy as I can, so here is an inside look as to what I consume on a daily basis.

Rule number 1: NEVER skip breakfast! It’s so important to start the day with a big breakfast to give me the energy to stay focus. Depending on the amount of time that I have, I like to start the day off with a few cheese and bacon rolls or a slice of toast with Nutella. On other days when I have more time, I like to whip up some pancakes for my family and I. They’re so simple and easy to make and you can customize them to your liking. I love adding fruits with a dollop of cream on the side.

If it were a school day, I would normally have a tuna sandwich with some carrots sticks, hummus and a fruit. I love berries, I always make sure I pack some strawberries. On weekends, I would have a chicken wrap or some sushi for lunch.

When I feel like a snack, depending on how hungry I am I would blend up a quick smoothie and some dark chocolate or assorted nuts.

My all-time favorite dinner is lasagna it is THE best comfort food that I like to eat after a big day. Otherwise, I like to eat meals with a balance of meat and veggies. A stirfry noodle dish is packed full of nutrient as you can add all kinds of veggies in it and the selected meat provides protein.

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