Teen and Tween Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Teen and Tween Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

The holidays are the best time of year where we buy presents for the one we love, but sometimes it's hard to find a gift. We have some gift ideas for you if you're trying to think of one for your best friend, daughter or niece. 

Face/ Body Trio Pack
This is the perfect gift for those who want to start a skincare routine. It comes in a re-useable tin that is perfect for on the go. The Face Pack comes with a Face Wash, Face Moisturiser, Vanilla Cream lip balm and a headband. The Body Pack comes with a Body Wash, Body Lotion, Berrilicious lip balm and a towel. 

Face Up
The most popular gift pack is our 'Face Up’ that includes a full size Face Wash and Moisturiser, towel and headband. This is a perfect gift for young girls who want a simple and easy daily skincare routine. This pack allows your skin to be deeply clean and hydrated every morning and night.

Body Lovers
This gift pack is for those who love having fun showers. This pack includes a full size Body Wash, Body Lotion and 'Spoil Me' body butter. The Body Wash and Lotion is lightweight leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Our body butter is one of our newest products this year, that has gives a boost of hydration for dry areas such as your elbows, feet and knees. 

Bright Lips & Night Lights 
These gift packs is perfect for tweens and younger girls. These packs include a glow in the dark nail polish trio pack with a hint of glitter and one of our lip balms. The trio nail polish packs are 'Bright Lights' or 'Light Up Your Night'. The lip balms are 'Vanilla Cream' or 'Berrilicious'. 

Luv Izzi and LUSTeam xoxo