Treat Yourself!

Treat Yourself!

Hey LUSGirls!

When life gets a bit full on, sometimes you just need to step back and relax. Today we will be focusing on taking care of ourselves and having a relaxing day. Remember LUSGirl, you need to prioritize your own health and wellbeing by treating yourself every once in a while.

Step 1: After a busy day, take a relaxing shower or bath. Use our Body Wash to cleanse your skin. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Step 2: Jump into your cute PJs and apply your favorite face mask. We highly recommend our detox clay mask ‘Face Off’. It’s perfect because it absorbs excess oils and minimizes inflammation, leaving your skin refreshed. As the face mask dries, glam up your nails with our ‘Chrome Queen’ holographic nail polishes. We have a bunch of fun colors to choose from to suit every girl’s personality.

Step 3: Put on your favorite movie, make yourself a cup of tea, get some snacks like popcorn and just RELAX!

Luv Izzi and the LUS Team xoxo