How To Get Naturally Wavy Hair Without Heat

How To Get Naturally Wavy Hair Without Heat

Wavy Hair

Hi LUSGirls!

Raise your hand if you love to curl your hair? Here at LUS we love to curl our hair every now and then, however, we worry about if we are doing damage to our hair. We have done some research to save you the trouble of looking. Our research shows that you can have amazing curls with no heat!!

No Heat Curls Method 1:
Our first method involves having damp hair and you will need some hair ties. You will need to know how to braid and you can do as many braids as you like. Remember the tighter the braid the tighter the curls.

Step 1: Firstly, wash your hair or spray with water, then pat dry with a towel until damp.
Step 2: Braid as many braids as you want. You can do any kind of braid but make sure it is a braid and not a plait because we want curls all over our head and not just the bottom.
Step 3: Finally, go to sleep with the braids in. In the morning take your braids out and mess them up a bit with your hand. Watch those amazing curls fall!!

No Heat Curls method 2:
Another method to try involves having damp hair and making buns!! This is great for all hair types and if you don't know how to braid. If you have short hair you will probably need to make another bun and the back of your head.

Step 1: First off,  wet your hair with spray or if you have just had a shower dry your hair until it is almost dry but still damp enough to braid with.
Step 2: While your hair is damp, separate your hair into sections, we recommend two or three.
Step 3: Twist each section tightly. Twirl your twisted hair until it becomes a bun against your head. Pin the buns in securely and sleep with the buns in.
Step 4: Finally, take the buns out and mess your hair about a bit for some natural curls!

Tip: Try not to brush your hair after you have taken your braids or buns out. If you do brush they may go all frizzy because of the curls and that it dried overnight.

Let us know how your curls turned out and if you have any tips by tagging us in photos or leaving a comment.