Recap Of The Year 2018

Recap Of The Year 2018

Izzi 2018 Recap

Hey lovelies!

It’s almost the end of another year and boy has it flown! I’ve definitely had a busy year with Luv Ur Skin, school and everything in between. The year started off with a bang with the official launch of Luv Ur Skin in the USA! On top of all the exciting things that came along with that, we’ve also been really busy with working on selling in India (stay tuned for more about that next year…😊).

I also launch the LUS Spa Range, with the introduction of 3 amazing face masks, a gentle scrub and a silky smooth body butter. TBH, these are probably some of my favourite products in the range and I’m so glad you guys love them as much as I do! I’ve also been working on the Active range which will hopefully be released next year, I’m especially looking forward to this one as it has been in the making for years!

I would like to give a quick shout out to all of our amazing ambassadors that were with us during 2018! You guys have been a blast to work with (both USA and AUS 😊) and I can’t wait to grow and continue to make the LUS Girl Squad as strong as ever with you.

On a quick note, not going to lie, what we do here at LUS couldn’t be made possible without our amazing team, thank you for all that you guys have done this year and I can’t wait for a fabulous 2019!

On top of that, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope you all have an amazing 2019!

Izzi xx