Positivity = Healthy Skin and Life

Positivity = Healthy Skin and Life

Hey LUSGirls and all positivity lovers!

We always hear people talking about the strength of positivity and how it can help our skin. This fact is actually true. Positive thinking can really help not just boost your skin appearance and health but also help in other ways!

Positivity can reduce stress:

We all know stress can lead to breakouts and painful acne. One way to tackle stress is to try to remains positive. Take time out each day to look at all the good that is in your life, even the small things. These positive aspects could be that you had fun at school or you got to hang out with your BFF. A great way to increase positive thinking is to keep a gratefulness diary. Write down something you are grateful for each day. Looking at what you have for each day will help you to keep in a good frame of mind. Focusing on the negative all the time actually releases the hormone that increases stress. Stress is a clear skin killer as we all know so staying away from stress is always a good idea. Positivity is a good starting point!

Positivity can increase self-confidence:

The more healthy thoughts you have about yourself the more they reflect onto who you are as a person. Self-confidence is important because the more confident you are in yourself the more people will see you as confident. Having greater self-confidence will not only mean a happier you. It can definitely help reduce your stress levels. The more positive thoughts you have over time the more the effectss will start to show in your personality. And who doesn't want to be confident and love themselves for who they are. And anyway, self-confidence always looks good!

Luv Izzi and the LUS team xx