Is Chocolate Really Bad for Our Skin?

Is Chocolate Really Bad for Our Skin?

Hey chocolate lovers!

First of all, if you celebrate Easter, we hope you had a good one and that the Easter bunny visited your house all well! We here at LUS love to eat chocolates a lot. We have one question. Isn't it bad for your skin? Will eating it really make all those pesky pimples pop up? 

NO! Chocolate is not bad for your skin! We have all heard our parents and grandparents say that it causes pimples and blackheads. This is all just a myth. There are links between diet and bad skin but cocoa (the main ingredient) isn't the cause of pimples! Phew, but what in our diet can cause bad skin?

Sugar, however, can cause pimples. Foods that have a lot of sugar and high G.I can cause your skin to break out. G.I stands for Glycaemic foods. The body burns sugar and G.I first so it also makes your body feel sluggish and tired, which no one likes. Chocolate does have sugar but dark and white flavors have low G.I! The darker it is the less sugar it has and even milk chocolate has lo G.I so if it's darker it must be lower G.I. 

The artisan dark chocolate trend is something we can definitely get behind if it means we can eat more and not worry about our skin so much!

So the old tale of chocolate being bad for your skin is just a myth! 

Love Izzi and the LUS team xxx