How to get that Spring Glow in your hair!

How to get that Spring Glow in your hair!

Spring Hair Hacks

Hey LUSGirls!

Spring is finally here! Now the weather is warmer we all want to be outside and looking our best, so we need our hair to be feeling the best and have that spring glow to it. But, how do you get your hair back to glowing and fresh? Well we have the answer for you! Here are two home remedies that can help to get your hair back to its best glow.

Glow Remedy 1- Avocado

We all have an avocado in our fridge that might be going off. Well go grab that avo and an egg because we are going to make a great mask to help repair your damaged hair! 

Step 1. Mash that avocado up and add in the cracked egg.

Step 2. Apply to wet hair (do this after you have showered!)

Step 3. Leave for 20 minutes then wash out.  Make sure you wash your hair a few times to get all of the mask out.  Repeat twice a week until your hair is glowing again, then once a month!

This mask is fully of fatty acid and minerals from the avocado so it is perfect for repairing your dry, damaged hair and give you that glow and life you need. Avocado has heaps of Vitamin E in it, which will help your hair to grow and stay strong.

Glow Remedy 2- Egg Shampoo

Now this remedy may seem weird but we swear this will help if your hair has been damaged!

Step 1. Crack an egg and add it to half a cup of shampoo.

Step 2. Wash hair with your new shampoo as normal in the shower or bath.

Step 3. Repeat a couple of times a week to help your hair repair itself.

Eggs are perfect for helping your hair to grow and stay smooth. They contain a lot of protein in them so your hair can grow and not become frizzy and dry. Your new shampoo will definitely help your hair to de-frizz and bring your bounce and glow back. 

These remedies are great cheap ideas to help when your hair is feeling down or dried out from winter. That spring glow is closer than you think. Let us know which ones you tried and how they went by tagging us in your photos or leaving us a comment! Happy remedying!

Luv Izzi and the LUS team xx