7 Reasons Why Water is the Best Medicine

7 Reasons Why Water is the Best Medicine

Water is an amazing natural resource that is one  of the most important ingredients for our bodies to work.

Below we have put together a list of the 7 reasons why water is the best medicine.

1. Brain Power
Our brains are made up of mostly water, so it’s pretty important for our brain function to keep hydrated. Staying hydrated allows our brains to stay focused and store all that information we are constantly taking in.

2. Kidney and Liver Function
Water helps our organs like the liver and kidney to do their jobs properly and flush out all those things our body no longer need.

3. Keeps us regular
Staying hydrated keeps everything running smoothly and on time.

4. Helps our body recover
It’s important to re hydrate after exercising. It helps our muscles recover, makes them stronger and helps with muscle cramps.

5. Brighter Skin
Drinking water helps restore skin tissue and flushes out impurities allowing your skin to glow.

6. Helps with headaches
Dehydration can be a main cause for headaches. Drinking water can be a natural way to relieve headaches.

7. Doesn’t cost a fortune
You have access to water wherever you go. As long as you have a bottle of water with you, you will never be thirsty.

So now that we know all these amazing facts about how water helps the human body, how much water should be drinking. It is important for us to listen to our bodies and realize when we are thirsty. It is recommended that girls aged between 8 - 18 drink 5-6 glasses of water a day.

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