5 Sneaky Acne Culprits

5 Sneaky Acne Culprits

For the most part, we definitely try our hardest to remove our makeup before going to bed, drink tonnes of water and avoid indulging in our late-night pizza cravings. So despite our best efforts, why are we still getting breakouts? Here’s a line-up of 5 sneaky culprits we need to lock up once and for all to prevent any more breakouts (pun intended)!

Your Pillowcase You may cleanse your face before bed every night, but it isn’t the only night time ritual to be mindful of. Bacteria, dirt, and oil from your face and hair can rub off onto your pillow and transfer back onto your skin the next night! I recommended washing your pillowcases every two to three days or buying some extra pillowcases, and switching them out between laundry days.

Your Smartphone Our phones are exposed to lots of different bacteria, dirt and makeup from having contact with our skin and being placed on many different surfaces. When you type on a dirty keyboard and then touch your skin, you will be more prone to have breakouts. Try to remember to wipe your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes. While you’re at it, you can also wipe your glasses if you have any.

Your Hairstyle Your hair’s natural oils can definitely contribute to your random breakouts. Try to keep your hair away from face, especially if you use hair products as well. If you have a fringe, make sure they’re clean; even if that means washing your fringe more often than the rest of your hair.

Skipping meals Missing meals can be detrimental to your body (and skin) because it is not getting enough vitamins and nutrients needed in order to thrive and keep your skin elastic and hydrated. Also, what you put in your body is crucial, so if you’re eating junky, processed food, cut down and throw in some fresh, organic items.

Over Cleansing While it is important to adopt a good skincare routine, vigorous cleansing can damage the protective lipid barrier that prevents bacterial growth and breakouts. Over cleansing can cause your skin to produce more oil and lead to more pimples. Ditch the too-harsh cleansers for a gentler one like the LUS Face Wash which removes makeup and bacteria without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Also remember to refrain from washing your face more than 2-3 times a day.  

Luv Izzi & LUS team xx