The Essentials
The Essentials
The Essentials
The Essentials
The Essentials
The Essentials
The Essentials

The Essentials

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The basic skincare essentials for a simple routine to keep your skin clean, clear and naturally healthy! Gentle yet effective for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Powered by Plantolin our exclusive, patented extract.

All your essentials in one neat pack to ensure your routine contains the right products to help keep your skin clean, clear and naturally beautiful!

  • Take Off: Gentle Face Wash
  • Calm Down: Soothing Face Moisturiser
  • Scrub Off: Pure Bamboo Face Scrub


With Vitamins A & C, Aloe Vera is highly effective on calming inflammation and has the incredible benefits of reducing infections and bacteria that helps clear acne prone skin. It’s healing properties also relieve skin irritation and restore moisture to the skin.


Bamboo’s super-fine antimicrobial particles smooth and gently exfoliate to remove dry, dull skin cells for instant softness. Enriched with Vitamin A, E, B6 & minerals, help to absorb oil leaving your skin soft, smooth and clear to give skin a radiant glow.


Olive oil is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K to nourish and deeply hydrate skin. It helps balance your skin’s moisture levels, by locking in moisture and shield it from potential irritation without clogging pores. Antioxidants and omega-3 help support skin to maintain naturally healthy glowing skin.


Plantolin® reduces skin irritation, inflammation and redness to soothe and calm, which promotes natural skin healing, helping restore and renew skin cells naturally.

How To Use

Step 1: Clean your face using the face wash and rinse well leaving your skin wet.

Step 2: Use the Scrub by massaging gently all over then rinse well and pat dry your skin, use 1-2 times a week.

Step 3: Take a small amount of Moisturiser and massage all over your face to finish.

Bringing Revolutionary Results

Luv Ur Skin is the only skincare line in the world, for young tween and teen skin, that contains Plantolin, a revolutionary biological extract with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties work together to create a synergistic effect that heals, renews, and protects your skin.

Naturally Soothing

Some key ingredients in our masks include Pomegranate Extract, Goji Berry, Jojoba Oil and Rosehip to combat breakouts and relieve inflamed skin. Luv Ur Skin was made with you in mind, specially formulated for tweens and teens to be gentle and effective to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Our amazing range of natural face masks have been tailored to your skin's specific needs, from our Purifying Mud Mask and Refining Clay Mask to our Detox Clay Mask and our Pure Bamboo Scrub.

Adaptable For Your Lifestyle

Shop our Spa Range to discover skincare designed for tweens and teens that’s natural, non-toxic and non-irritating, even on sensitive skin. These products are Australian-made to meet high standards of quality. We also make our products easy to use so that you can create a healthy skincare routine to give you the best start you need to keep your skin beautiful, clean and clear for life.