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What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

Healthy is a buzzword that we see every day and wonder how do we know what it is ‘to be healthy’. Is it enough to do 20 star jumps a day to seem healthy? Well not exactly.

To be healthy, it is not just about exercising. Rather there is a balance of three elements; eating healthy, exercising regularly and having a clear mindset. These three things work together to get an idea of a lifestyle that can leave you feeling positive and happier.

Eating Healthy
Eating healthy can be daunting as we all like to snack on the occasional chips and chocolate, and who can really say no to a pizza, right? Well, a secret is you can still have these ‘cheat’ foods however only in portions and rather having them every day, limit it to once a week. That way you can get the best of both worlds, as eating more vegetables, fruits and greens can help the body in more ways than you think. Natural foods such as berries and avocados can help clear out our systems and make us feel less sluggish and more positive.

Exercising is something we all might dread. However, if you do a group activity such as dance or soccer, it may make it more enjoyable to add it into your lifestyle. Exercise is important as it releases endorphins that make you happier and may become an outlet for stress relief. Sweating during exercise allows our skin to sweat out toxins from our body, and allowing the body to cleanse itself. However, when exercising also remember to keep hydrated, as you do sweat out a lot of water.

Clear mindset 
We think a lot within a day and over time we can find ourselves exhausted. Hence why we recommend you take out some time during the day to clear out your mind. Whether that be writing within a daily journal, taking a no technology break, or dancing to a track that you love, these are all ways that can allow our minds to take a break. This is important as it allows the body to calm down and feel refreshed after an exhausting day.

Note that it is easier to adapt one element at a time as trying to take on all of it at the one time can be overwhelming. So, don’t rush into it, take your time and even small adjustments can take you a long way towards a path of a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Love Izzi and LUS Team xoxo