Pinpoint Your Breakouts for Clearer Skin!

Pinpoint Your Breakouts for Clearer Skin | Luv ur skin

Hey LUSGirls!

We all get breakouts and nasty blackheads, especially when we are in our tweens. Even though we hate pimples and wish we had clear skin all the time, our body could be telling you something might be wrong! Face Mapping is the key to understanding your breakouts and what they mean. We have created a guide to help all LUSGirls know what their pimples mean and how to tackle them. 

Forehead Breakouts: 

Breakouts on the forehead can be really nasty and hurt sometimes, but did you know it could mean you are having trouble with your digestive system? If you are eating a lot of fatty foods or foods that make your stomach upset, you might be causing more pimples to pop up! We recommend making sure you drink lots of water as this will help flush out your digestive system and reduce your breakouts.

Nose Breakouts: 

When you get breakouts on your nose they can really be a downer. If they are on your nose can often mean that you are having very oily skin, this can be because you aren't eating good foods! We recommend doing a good face mask, our Face Off mask can help clear up some extra oil. Try eating some fresh fruit and vegetables each day to make sure you are getting the right foods into your body.

Chin Breakouts: 

If you are getting a lot of breakouts on your chin you can lose confidence really quickly. Well, those pesky pimples might be caused by your hormones! We always seem to get more pimples around our time of the month which is when our hormones can go crazy. Try taking some time to look after your skin by doing a nice Face Wash followed by one of our face masks. Make sure you put moisturizer on so your face doesn't dry out. Make sure you relax, pop on a movie while your face mask is doing its thing!

Cheek Breakouts: 

Breakouts on our cheeks can show if we are having trouble with dirt or allergies! If we are not washing our face properly or not paying attention to if our allergies are playing up we can make our cheeks breakout. To tackle this problem make sure you wash your face with our Face Wash and keep anything that touches your skin clean. This includes your phone, your hands and anything like pillowcases. Make sure you are keeping your home space free of anything that can cause you to have allergies, especially dirt! Breakouts can really be the worst but if you know what they mean you can tackle them one step at a time. Let us know if any of our tips work for you and if you have any ideas by tagging us in your photos or commenting!

We also developed an online quiz with Girl's Life Magazine to find out which of our masks and scrubs is right for you. Take the quiz here ->> 

Luv Izzi and the LUS team xoxo

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