Luv Ur Mums

Luv Ur Mums

Hi LUSGirls and Mums!

Mothers Day is coming up and we are so excited to celebrate our awesome Mums! We are always wondering how we can best spend the day with our Mums. Well, we have a great idea, have a LUSGirl and Mum Spa Day! Here are some tips and tricks to make your Mothers Day that extra bit special.

  1. Use LUS Spa Range:
    Our Spa Range is perfect for a pamper day. Start with using our Face Wash to wash your skin so it's nice and clean. Then we recommend using our Scrub Off face scrub. It is made from pure bamboo so it is perfect for sensitive teen and Mums skin. After making sure your skin is squeaky clean apply one of our great face masks. Our face masks all do different things for your skin.
    Boost Up if you want to hydrate and restore tired skin.
    Clear Up if you want to fight off blackheads and pimples.
    Face Off if you want to smooth and naturally beautiful skin.

  2. Have tasty treats to snack on:
    We absolutely love to snack when we have a spa day. Pick some of your Mum's favorite snacks! Our favorite snacks are fruit like strawberries and blueberries, we also luv to munch on some nuts like almonds! We luv to have some popcorn (have some while watching a movie when wearing your mask!). Make sure to keep your fluids up as well. We recommend having some fruit in water, it adds a great flavor for each glass.

  3. Make sure to have FUN!
    Having fun is one of our favorite thing to do! Make sure your Mum and you have as much fun as you can! Dance around, watch a movie and take crazy pictures. It is Mothers Day so make sure your Mum has as much fun as she can, and remember to let her know how much you LUV her!!

Have a Happy Mothers Day LUSGirls and Mums!

Lots of Luv,
Izzi & the LUS team xoxo