How To Look After Your Skin This Summer

How To Look After Your Skin This Summer

The weather is heating up and that summer sun can be harsh against your skin. This summer, get ready with us so you won't have to sweat (haha) the small stuff. 

You want to wear clothing that covers as much of your skin, but also light material so you can be cool all day long. We highly recommend a light coloured cotton shirt and breathable shorts or a skirt. You want to make sure your shoulders are covered because that's where the sun will hit you most on your body. The shorts/skirt will allow you to move more comfortably throughout the day.

Wear a hat. If you're going to be outside most of the day, your head needs to be covered too. A nice straw hat is perfect for the beach or even a linen one, as long as it covers your ears. 

Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water will regulate your body's temperature and also help improve your complex so you have soft glowing skin all summer long. Make sure to carry around a water bottle or when out, ask for a glass. 

The biggest thing you MUST do this summer is of course, wear sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen before you leave the house and reapply according to instructions. This will prevent you from getting sunburnt which is very painful and damages your skin. Sunscreen helps maintain healthy glowing skin, lowers risk of skin cancer and prevents uneven skin tones. Don't forget, slip, slop, slap!

Luv Izzi and LUSTeam xoxo