Don't Forget These 4 Things for Summer Travel!

Don't Forget These 4 Things for Summer Travel!

Summer vacay is a great time to explore new places, make fun new memories and take great photos. We've put together a super short list of must-haves for your summer travel. 

1) An Old-School Camera 📷 - Anyone can take a pic with their phone, but how fun would it be to capture your memories old-school with a camera like an Instamax Mini? It's small so it packs well - remember to pack your film too!

2) Travel Skincare 😎 - Don't fall out of your skincare routine when you travel! Travel can often leave your skin dry or oily so we have the solution for you! Our Face Pack is travel-friendly, it has mini-size of the Face Wash, Face Moisturizer and our Vanilla Lip Balm.

Plus, it's summer in the US, so the sun is shining, which means sweat and sunscreen, which can clog your pores and lead to nasty breakouts if you leave it on while you sleep. Make sure to wash your skin each night before you go to sleep. Our Face Wash can help clean your face ready for another day full of adventures.

Try to moisturize before and after you travel. Our Face Moisturiser is perfect for this. It is great for sensitive skin and is not too harsh on any dry skin. Doing this will make sure your skin doesn’t get too dry and can keep hydrated…which reminds us, make sure you drink water!

3) A Water Bottle 💧- Water bottles like S'well  keep H2O handy and cool. Fizzy drinks are fun on holiday but our skin really loves and needs water. 

4) Sleep 😴 Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before you leave! That way you are not too tired and your skin has time to prepare for a car or plane ride. We recommend going to bed a little bit earlier to make sure you get your 8 hours, just in case you get excited and wake up early!

And of course, have fun! Vacations are all about experiencing new places and making fun memories with your family so make sure you always have a smile.

Luv Izzi the LUS team xx