Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Do you find yourself not wanting to wash your makeup off after a long day, or even occasionally biting your nails in moments of stress? Below you can find some tips for trying to manage these bad habits.

Nail Biting
If you are a stress biter, who gnaws at your own nails in times to concentrate or relieve stress, you should know that this habit is bad for your nails. The nail is an important indicator of health, with doctors being able to tell if you have enough calcium by just looking at your nails. With biting off chunks of the nail plate, you are damaging key parts of the nail and making them look quite ugly. One way that can stop you from tearing away at your nails is using spicy nail polish. The horrible flavor left in your mouth will leave you not wanting to bite them any time soon. 

Leaving makeup from the night before
Washing off makeup can be a task that many dread when all they want to do is sleep. However, this habit of sleeping with makeup on is very bad for your skin as it allows your pores to clog, skin unable to breathe and leave us dealing with angry mothers who are nagging about why we have makeup on our bed sheets.  A good way is trying to avoid this is by trying to make the cleansing process as easy as possible. Whether that be using makeup wipes or a cleanser such as LUS Facial Wash that will be used to quickly scrub and cleanse the face. These will allow your skin to breathe as well as cleanse the pores to prevent clogs.

Splitting dead ends
Playing with hair is a common thing that almost most girls do. However, splitting dead ends damages your hair, and can prevent the strand from growing. Therefore, some can find that their hair tends to grow more slowly, and why our hair seems to grow so quickly after a trim as it removes the dead ends. A way to avoid playing with the ends of our hair is through distraction, a stress ball is perfect.

These are just a few habits that can be broken, but if you have overcome a bad habit, tell us how you did it.

Luv Izzi and LUSTeam xoxo