LUS Ambassador Program

Why Should You Apply To Join The LUS Squad?

✨And guys this is for you too!✨

Everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin!

Freebies, Photoshoots, and Parties, oh my! Our new and improved ambassador program is something you’re going to want to be a part of! Keep scrolling to learn more!

Learn about our perks!

Our Ambassador Levels!


✨ LUS Gold Squad will have products mailed to them to create content with throughout their ambassadorship.
✨ LUS Gold Squad will be able to offer their followers a 20% discount with their own special code.
✨ LUS Gold Squad will have the opportunity to take turns leading the Zoom Parties.
✨ LUS Gold Squad will receive special recognition on the LUS IG page.
✨ LUS Gold Squad will be invited to attend exclusive parties.
✨ LUS Gold Squad will be able to participate in featured photo shoots free of charge - these will be beautiful pictures you WANT to post on your page.


✨ All LUS Squad Ambassadors must have a public Instagram Account
✨ All LUS Squad Ambassadors will be selected for a 6 month term!
✨ All LUS Squad Ambassadors will be required to post 4 in-feed posts per month, 2 of which must be reels, on their main account.
✨ Content must be high quality and contain appropriate hashtags.
✨ We ask that all LUS Squad Ambassadors stay up to date and in contact with our Creative Team through our exclusive & private Facebook page so they can guide you in the type of content we are looking for.
✨ Be creative and have fun!
✨ And of course support Luv Ur Skin and fellow Ambassadors with likes ❤️comments 🗣 and shares ➡️

Ready To Get Started?

If you think this is for you, then please fill out and submit the form in the Ambassador application button below, as well as submit your information on our Ambassador Facebook Page.

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Important Information

* Luv Ur Skin has enlisted Kellie and Tiffanie from The Collab Experience Orlando to help manage this new ambassador program. Once you get going with us, please be sure to follow @thecollabexperienceorlando and check for DMs, as well as have their email in your favorites so you do not miss any messages from You must do the same for Luv Ur Skin! Follow @luv_urskin IG and watch for emails from I, Kathy, Director of Marketing with Luv Ur Skin, am only a DM or email away if you have any questions!

I look forward to this fabulous Fall and Winter season with you, our new LUS Squad member!

Open Sign Up Time Frame

This initial search, as of September 23, 2022 will run for approximately 2 weeks with the new Squad Members being announced shortly after.
Stay tuned to the Luv Ur Skin IG page and the Ambassador FB page for news and updates.