Renucell Group, LLC., in collaboration with with the Australian group Luv Ur Self (, is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new venture. Luv Ur Skin USA ( Luv Ur Skin USA is now offering an extensive range of natural skin care products, and accessories, for pre-teenage and teenage girls that are safe and effective. The line utilizes the proprietary natural plant extract Plantolin® which is of the same family as Renucell’s powerful plant extract Phyoxolin®.

Plantolin® is a revolutionary biological extract that has been clinically developed to heal, renew and protect the skin by providing a safe, effective and scientifically proven ingredient. The secret behind this novel extract is in the Natural Synergy of the extract’s phytochemical profile which allows the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity to run simultaneously producing a more rapid dual-acting healing and skin renewal response.

Extracted from the Centipeda cunninghamii plant, this Australian native plant has been cultivated and used for centuries for its soothing, wound healing and medicinal properties. Through specialized agronomic processes, best practices have been adopted to optimise the potency and benefits derived from the plant. It has been clinically proven as safe, non-irritant and non-toxic so provides a gentle, effective and natural solutions to skincare. The unique properties of this extract make it an integral ingredient for skin care in both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. The powerful anti-inflammatory activity minimises oedema, redness and itching associated with intrinsic and extrinsic dermal irritation. This process is further enhanced by the anti-oxidant action, which promotes healing and reduces free radical damage.

A powerful natural alternative in providing healing and therapeutic action when incorporated as a key active ingredient in skin care formulations. Luv Ur Skin products are a blend of natural plant extracts, including Plantolin®, in addition to specifically selected key ingredients for safe and effective skin care for young and/or sensitive skin.

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